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"Papa Luna" ​castle

      Peniscola - a small town located on the coast of orange flowers (Costa del Azahar) is one of the most visited places in Spain. The snow-white stone fortress, built by the Knights Templar, strikes with its grandeur. Like an invincible stronghold towers its castle over the sea waves.
The castle "Papa Luna" in Peniscola at the beginning of the last century was recognized by UNESCO as a historical and artistic world heritage and rightfully one of the most famous monuments not only of Valencia, but of Spain in general.

      We'll start with a walk through the Historic Center, walk through the labyrinth of cobbled streets. During the walk, you will see a wonderful view of the sea and the wonderful beach, as well as the "palm alley", along which you can go down to the historic ruins. Visit the Templar castle of the XIV century, the fortress that served as the residence of Pope Benedict XIII, visit the Maritime Museum, the parish church of "Relentless Help" (Perpetuo Socorro), the Temple of Our Lady, the Artillery Park and the "Birds of Prey" exhibition. And when we rise to the very top of the fortress, a breathtaking view of the magnificent North Beach will be opened. At the same time, Peniscola is not only a fortified city, but also a well-known resort on white beaches where you can relax almost all year round. At the same time, the combination of the inaccessible walls of the fortress, the smell of orange trees and the noise of sea waves give this place an indescribable charm. Naturally, around there are a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops, where you can get a reminder about this beautiful city. Free time for shopping and return to the hotel.


Price* of tour from Barcelona
1 - 3 people 350 euro.
4 - 6 people 420 euro.

Price* of  tour from Castellón
1 - 3 people 140 euro.
4 - 6 people 180 euro.

Price* of tour  from Valencia
1 - 3 people 350 euro.
4 - 6 people 420 euro

Organizational Details

The duration of the tour takes an average of 4-8 hours. The itinerary can be changed a little: it depends on the time of your arrival and on where exactly your hotel is located in Barcelona. Traveling around Barcelona will be on our transport. Parking at the airport and on the route is included in the tour price. Please note that the tour does not include entrance fees and meals.
* The price does not include VAT (IVA) of 21% which is added upon non-cash settlement.

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