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Montserrat and the crypt Guel

What we prepared


The excursion includes a visit to the monastery complex built in honor of the Mother of God of Montserrat and located in the inimitable beauty park on the mountain of Montserrat, you can also visit the audiovisual exhibition "Montserat-Opened Doors" and taste the famous liquor of Montserrat.


MONTSERRAT is a monastic complex built in honor of the Mother of God of Montserrat and located in a unique beauty park on a mountain with the same name. Here are about eighty monks belonging to the Order of Benedict, who has been taking care of the sanctuary for almost a thousand years. Montserrat, literally means "jagged mountain", according to some it was the result of a natural disaster, according to another opinion it was created by God. Whatever its origin, Montserrat is an impressive and mystical place, and one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world.
If the Benedictine Monastery of Montserrat turned into a spiritual symbol and the center of pilgrimage of Catholics from all over the world, the Colonia Güell crypt became the undisputed architectural brilliance of the Catalan genius of architecture. Both masterpieces of the road are to the heart of every Catalan and deserve special attention of the traveler planning tours to Barcelona. The statue of the Virgin Mary of Montserrat, located in the monastery turned into a synonym for the word "miracle". But how could it be otherwise, if only here, in the difficult times of the dictatorship of General Franco, marriages were held in the Catalan language.

Price* of tour from Barcelona
1 - 3 people 250 euro.
4 - 6 people 330 euro.

Price* of  tour from Peniscola, Castellón, Salou
1 - 3 people 330 euro.
4 - 6 people 415 euro.

Price* of tour  from Valencia
1 - 3 people 550 euro.
4 - 6 people 690 euro

Organizational Details

The duration of the tour takes an average of 4 hours. The itinerary can be changed a little: it depends on the time of your arrival and on where exactly your hotel is located in Barcelona. Traveling around Barcelona will be on our transport. Parking at the airport and on the route is included in the tour price. Please note that the tour does not include entrance fees and meals.
* The price does not include VAT (IVA) of 21% which is added upon non-cash settlement.

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