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Valencia - "Between the past and the future"

           Panoramic 4-hour sightseeing tour of Valencia - a great opportunity to get acquainted with the city, which in beauty and the number of historical and cultural attractions is not inferior to Madrid and Barcelona. The charm of the city is the result of a combination of ancient history and modern development. During a sightseeing tour of Valencia, you will visit the pearl of Gothic architecture - the Cathedral of the XIII century, where according to legend the Holy Grail is kept, whose altar is decorated by the pupil of Leonardo Da Vinci, and in the chapel are the works of Francisco Goya.
The tour of Valencia includes a visit to the historic center of the city, the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Serranos tower, the most important military gate in Europe, the Silk Exchange building, the Plaza de Torros bullring. The city's business card - the City of Science and the Arts - is also worthy of close attention.
       A pedestrian walk through the historic center with a visit to the Plaza de Torros bullfighting arena, the famous towers of the fortress wall of the XV century - Torre de Serrano, Paz street and its modernist buildings. A professional guide will acquaint you with the past of the city, reveal the secrets of the present and plans for the future, share practical advice that will make rest in Valencia easier and more pleasant.


Price* of tour from Barcelona, Salou
1 - 3 people 425 euro.
4 - 6 people 511 euro.

Price* of  tour from Peniscola, Castellón
1 - 3 people 230 euro.
4 - 6 people 275 euro.

Price* of tour  from Valencia
1 - 3 people 180 euro.
4 - 6 people 230 euro.

Organizational Details

The duration of the tour takes an average of 4-8 hours. The itinerary can be changed a little: it depends on the time of your arrival and on where exactly your hotel is located in Barcelona. Traveling around Barcelona will be on our transport. Parking at the airport and on the route is included in the tour price. Please note that the tour does not include entrance fees and meals.
* The price does not include VAT (IVA) of 21% which is added upon non-cash settlement.

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