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Mountain resort of Javalambre

           The ski resort of Javalambre is located on the slope of the same mountain range, 138 km from Valencia, and has already earned a well-deserved reputation - was awarded the "Q AWARD" award for excellent service and took the place of honor among the best 13 spas in Spain.

           The village itself lies at an altitude of 1775 meters, and the highest point of the trails is 2000 meters, so the difference in altitude is small, the slopes are flat and flat. 11 km of tracks (3 "green", 5 "blue" and 1 "red") form two skiing areas, and the more complex "red" route runs separately from all along a narrow glade in a dense forest (in the lower part it joins with a short " blue "). There are 7 lifts, 7 km of downhill trails and about 14 km of hiking routes. The resort has a ski school and kindergarten, equipment rental and parking for cars, self-service restaurants on the slopes and shops. In addition to skiing, snowshoe tours, snowmobiling and horseback riding are especially popular. The ski season lasts from December to March.

           In summer Javalambre is a popular place among paragliders, and lovers of mountain tourism here are waiting for fascinating trails. You can stay in nearby villages, the infrastructure of which has been thoroughly thought out as a tourist service.


If desired, skiing from the mountains can be diversified excursion program - visit the nearest major cities of Cuenca, Teruel, Zaragoza and Valencia.

Price* of  tour from Peniscola, Castellón
1 - 3 people 275 euro.
4 - 6 people 350 euro.

Price* of tour  from Valencia
1 - 3 people 230 euro.
4 - 6 people 275 euro.


Organizational Details

The duration of the tour takes an average of 4-8 hours. The itinerary can be changed a little: it depends on the time of your arrival and on where exactly your hotel is located in Barcelona. Traveling around Barcelona will be on our transport. Parking at the airport and on the route is included in the tour price. Please note that the tour does not include entrance fees and meals.
* The price does not include VAT (IVA) of 21% which is added upon non-cash settlement.

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