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Excursion to castle of Cullera

           The city of Cullera (Spain) grew up around an ancient Spanish fortress. Strengthening here existed before the arrival of the ancient Romans, since the place was excellent for defense: on the one hand the sea, on the other - mountains. On this narrow strip, Cullera appeared, who saw the Moors battle with Christians in her time, and now turned into a peaceful resort, ideal for family holidays. Culver species are exceptionally picturesque. Climbing mountains, sparkling in the sun the sea ... Beach tourism can be successfully combined with a pedestrian. Take a walk in the foothills in the area of ​​the Culvert - this will give you exceptional pleasure!

           During the tour, we will visit the luxurious city beach, the main attraction of Cullera, Castillo Santuriano - an ancient fortress with a high tower, crowned by an elegant baroque tower in the form of a Christian crown; The watchtower of the castle with a collection of knightly weapons and armor; The monastery adjoining the castle; and on the way back we will see the Lighthouse - Faro in the Punta del Far district.

Price* of  tour from Peniscola, Castellón
1 - 3 people 275 euro.
4 - 6 people 350 euro.

Price* of tour  from Valencia
1 - 3 people 175 euro.
4 - 6 people 230 euro.

Organizational Details

The duration of the tour takes an average of 4-8 hours. The itinerary can be changed a little: it depends on the time of your arrival and on where exactly your hotel is located in Barcelona. Traveling around Barcelona will be on our transport. Parking at the airport and on the route is included in the tour price. Please note that the tour does not include entrance fees and meals.
* The price does not include VAT (IVA) of 21% which is added upon non-cash settlement.

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